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About Band Expansion

This project is the work of Craig Alberty, a composer and music educator with over 40 years of experience. He writes the music, produces the recordings, and maintains this website. Doxy, pictured below, fills the orders; she's sincere but occasionally misses some details.


The goal of Band Expansion is to provide artistic material to typical band programs – the ones that have difficulty sustaining full, balanced instrumentation and lack uniform ability levels. Oddly, most published music is written to bands that have full resources and can already perform the masterworks. We (Doxy and I) are doing what we can to provide satisfying literature for everyone else.


The music on this site is only available on this site. We see no reason for the creators and consumers of band music to remain locked in a 400-year-old distribution model. The consumer (you) saves money by purchasing files directly from the creator (me) and printing as needed. We all benefit by eliminating the inefficiency of prepackaged sets and the waste of physically shipping something that can be delivered electronically.


You will find several categories targeting specific areas of a band curriculum. Browse, buy (please buy as I’ll soon have two kids in college), and call or email if you have questions.

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