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Catalog publishes original works for band. Our unique scoring approach makes the music particularly useful for bands with incomplete or unbalanced instrumentation. These products offer exceptional versatility without compromising musical depth and imagination. This site provides full descriptions of all products including complete demo recordings and review scores.


Our concert music is playable with a minimum “skeleton” instrumentation making the pieces useable even in extreme situations of instrument shortage or imbalance. Sets include numerous substitute parts in various transpositions.

Electronic delivery of all music:
Electronic Delivery

• Full score and complete set of master parts in .pdf format.

• Reproducible! Legally print copies as needed.

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Music Categories

Band Expansion Series

Challenging concert pieces (grade 3-4) for bands with instrumentation deficiencies. You get a sound that is indistinguishable from standard concert literature with these inventive program works that can be played with a minimum instrumentation of 7 parts and a bass line.

Rehearsal Supplements

Versatile tools to effectively warm up your band, develop technique, and extend fundamental playing skills (tone, intonation, expression). It's all formatted to work efficiently in hectic rehearsal situations. Built-in flexibility helps students at all stages of development expand individual skills in a class setting.

Special Occasion Music

Holiday, patriotic, and graduation selections are distinctively arranged to provide a fulfilling musical experience while providing the required accompaniment to important events. Special performances often face the challenge of under-staffed ensembles; our unique scoring system is particularly well-suited to meet that challenge.

Young Concert Band

Mature concert works for developing students (middle school) – grade 2. The pieces conform to the limitations of young players without sounding “dumbed down.” The musical development and harmonic language in these compositions are more mature than what is often found in works at this level.

Expansion Ensembles

Quartets with a twist -- completely interchangeable parts. Any imaginable combination of mixed instruments can be a viable ensemble. And each arrangement has optional percussion parts for a complete section. Learn parts in a full band setting, then polish the performance and realize the benefits of ensemble playing in individual quartet sessions. Unmatched versatility!

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