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Free Music

Warm-up and tuning
3 short, chorale-styled pieces
Easy to intermediate
Prologue Canticles -

Get this now!

Free? Really? Yes! We believe in what we sell and are convinced that directors who try a product will buy more. Send us an email to request the free warm-up chorales and Doxy will send you the PDFs to print as needed. Forever.


Tell your colleagues about this. Post it on the band directors Facebook group. Keep Doxy busy filling requests!


Fine Print

There isn’t any. You request the music, we send it via email, you print it and use it as desired. Doxy will add your email address to our contact list so you’ll get a newsletter from us about twice a month. You can always unsubscribe (we honor that).

If the link doesn’t work, send an email to: 

Request the warm-up chorales.

A note about email delivery –


All music is sent by email attachment (zipped folders). It is getting increasingly difficult to make it past spam filters, especially those used by schools. If the music you request (or order) doesn’t arrive within a few hours, check your spam folder. Doxy sometimes has to send things to another (personal) email address and we have even used DropBox as a last resort, but the poor dog has trouble setting that up. They don’t happen often, but delivery issues are frustrating for us, too. Doxy has yet to fail to make a delivery, though!

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