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Graduation Music

Graduation Music

Ceremonial pieces to frame special events . . .



These arrangements combine a great sound with the practical flexibility needed to help any special occasion flow. Details are carefully planned. Sensible repeats and endings, for example, make it easy to coordinate the music with event activities and minimize the stress of high-profile performances.

only $49 each

Four Ceremonial Flourishes
Four Ceremonial Flourishes
Four Ceremonial Flourishes -

Grade: 3-4

Genre: Fanfare, concert opener


This useful set of four fanfares will let you open any program with excitement and pageantry. Various lengths and difficulty levels.

 I. Noble Declaration (0:00)

II. Celebration Decree (0:32)

III. Festival Proclamation (1:07)

IV. Tribute to the Valiant (2:11)

Pomp and Circumstance
Pomp and Circumstance
Pomp and Circumstance -

Grade: 2.5

Genre: Graduation, processional, Elgar


The scoring has enough variety to make it interesting to play and the moderate difficulty level lets you include the middle school students. Several clearly marked ending points are indicated so a final cadence can happen when it is needed!

Sir Gustav's Pageant
Sir Gustav's Pageant
Sir Gustav's Pageant -

Grade: 2.5

Genre: Concert march, processional, Holst


This is from the first movement of the Holst Second Suite (the euphonium solo). It may be the stateliest melody ever penned. We’ve set it as an easy-to-prepare concert march that also works beautifully as a recessional.

Coronation Anthem: The King Shall Rejoice
Coronation Anthem
Coronation Anthem -

Grade: 3

Genre: Processional, concert march


G. F. Handel captures the triumphal joy of a dignified occasion as well as anyone. Written as ceremonial music and used at the coronation of George II, this makes a fine concert march. Take the optional repeat and you have the perfect graduation recessional.

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