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Flexible Instrumentation

Each composition from the Band Expansion Series includes the parts listed below. There are adequate parts for a full symphonic band and the compositions are a compelling addition to the standard band literature. The scoring method, however, makes this series especially useful to smaller groups with incomplete instrumentation.


Parts in boldface plus a bass instrument (tuba, bass clarinet, bari sax, or bass) are all that is needed to complete the essential lines and harmonies for works in this series. Percussion, while desirable, is not necessary. Solo passages have been kept to a minimum and they are usually cued so you can feature your best players.


After the essential parts are covered, it is up to the conductor to determine how the additional parts are assigned. That is, of course, situational; the capabilities of the ensemble must be balanced with the requirements of the music.


Oboe (Flute 2)

Bb substitute for Oboe

Clarinet 1

Clarinet 2

Eb substitute for Clarinet 2

Bass Clarinet

Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone

Trumpet 1

Trumpet 2

F Horn

Eb, Bb substitute for Horn


Bb substitute for Trombone

Baritone (Trombone 2) – BC, TC


Bass (acoustic or electric)

Keyboard Percussion


Percussion 1

 (usually SD, BD, Cym.)

Percussion 2

 (color instruments)

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