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Rehearsal Supplements

Rehearsal Supplements

Warm-ups and technique development for all levels . . .

build individual skills in a rehearsal setting.

• Tone, pitch, technique

• Range of skill levels

• Musical, flexible, varied

• Optional percussion included

Band Warm-up
Method Supplement
Young Band Warm-up

Symphonic Foundations

A complete band warm-up in 5 minutes!

Symphonic Foundations

23 exercises addressing:

• Tone

• Tonguing

• Tuning

• Flexibility

• Scales and Technique

• Expression

Includes material for a variety of skill levels that can be played simultaneously -- intermediate through advanced. Tempo and articulations are adaptable to any teaching requirement and full percussion is included.

Check out these excerpts!
Tone Studies - Line 2
Flexibility - Line 11
Tuning Chords - Line 4
Scale Technique - Line 19
Tonguing - Line 5
Expression - Line 23
only $59

On Your Mark, Get Set . . .

Young band warm-up

On Your Mark Get Set

• Tone

• Tonguing

• Flexibility

• Scales

This comprehensive warm-up is perfect for second and third year students (middle school). It efficiently covers all essential performance areas and is an ideal tool to reinforce playing fundamentals on a daily basis. Brass flexibility, woodwind finger drills, articulation reading, and a simple tuning chorale are all part of the package. Optional percussion parts are included.

only $49

Method Booster

Give your beginning method a lift!

On Your Mark Get Set

Use this ingenious collection to supplement any band method. Each page – there are 20 –  highlights a specific concept and gives your students the repetition they need to truly master it. These tuneful exercises can be added to your warm-up, utilized as remedial material, or used for assessment.

Since these are not bound, the sequencing is up to you. Print on colored paper for convenient organization and pass them out whenever your routine needs a jolt!


Check out the Skills Inventory to see what is covered and how the material is organized. The sample score and parts will show you the practical formatting.

Want to see more?

Email your request for specific pages and we’ll gladly deliver a perusal score to your in box! Choose what you want from the Skills Inventory.

only $79

Lyric Airs and Technical Studies

Chorales and technique drills

Lyric Airs

Lyric Airs

14 widely recognized folk and classical melodies, all secular, arranged in chorale style. Engaging to rehearse, they develop tone, pitch refinement, and expressive skills just as effectively as traditional chorales. Seven major keys, seven minor keys.

Technical Studies

In addition to the chorale in each key, you get a scale + arpeggio, and a series of drills patterned after those found in Hanon, Clarke, and Klose. Incorporate them in your warm-up routine or use them for individual assessment. The minor key exercises have the 6th and 7th scale degrees labeled so you can easily use different forms of the scale.

Lyric Airs
Bb - Chester
G Mi - Surprise Symphony
Eb - British Grenadiers
C Mi - Handel Sarabande
Ab - My Grandfather's Clock
F Mi - Wayfaring Stranger
Db - Harmonious Blacksmith
Bb Mi - Corelli Sarabande
F - Streets of Laredo
D Mi - Scarborough Fair
C - Mozart Piano Sonata
A Mi - Bach English Suite
G - Simple Gifts
E Mi - Erie Canal
Technical Studies
Technical Study #3
Technical Study #4
Technical Study #1
Technical Study #5
Technical Study #2
Tuning Etude
only $89
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