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Mature works for developing students . . .

These pieces are written for second and third year students (middle school). They conform to the limitations of young players without sounding “dumbed down.” The musical development and harmonic language in these compositions are more mature than what is often found in works at the grade 2 level.

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The Instrumentalist

Royal Oak Impressions earned the prestigious checkmark, indicating "music that is highly recommended." The review states that this "is an engaging work that will be a memorable addition to any concert or contest program."

Give them a listen -- you'll quickly recognize why these pieces have earned special distinction!

This music is earning critical acclaim! The Instrumentalist review of Capriccio Vivo said, “Conveying a fun, playful spirit, this colorful, full-sounding composition includes engaging melodic material, rhythmic variety, and effective contrasts of dynamics and texture.”

Capriccio Vivo
Capriccio Vivo -
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Grade: 2

Genre: Contemporary flourish


This mildly dissonant flourish is a refreshing change-of-pace. It moves, but the technical demands are modest. You will appreciate the varied display of instrumental color, and the use of kitchen mixing bowls in the percussion section will give everyone something to talk about.

Royal Oak Impressions
Royal Oak Impressions -
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Grade: 2

Genre: Fiddle tune, hymn


Best known as the hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful, this 17th century traditional English melody is set here as a rousing fiddle tune. The contrasting middle section features woodwinds in lyrical counterpoint. The energetic rhythms and engaging melodic material will be a hit with better middle school bands or less experienced high school groups.

Sonoran Carnival
Sonoran Carnival -
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Grade: 2

Genre: Latin, novelty


This festive celebration from the U. S./Mexico border is an effective introduction to cut-time; it's written in 4/4 but felt in a light "2." It falls on the easy end of the grade 2 spectrum.

Afton Visions
Afton Visions -
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Grade: 2

Genre: Ballad, folk song


This emotional setting of Flow Gently, Sweet Afton is just the right vehicle for teaching nuance, rubato, and phrasing. It is a mature sounding work, but within the capabilities of most middle school groups.

One Time or Another
One Time or Another -
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Grade: 2

Genre: Mixed meter 4/4-7/8


On the challenging side of grade 2, this rhythmic work is a great way to introduce asymmetrical meters. The 7/8 bars always subdivide the same way, making it easy to teach. Students will love the Latin percussion and modal lines.

Appalachian Fantasy
Appalachian Fantasy -
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Grade: 2

Genre: Overture, descriptive, contest


Time to expose your developing band to a grown-up overture? The slow, colorful opening is followed by cleverly developed dance-like themes. With every section getting a chance in the spotlight, this is a great contest choice.

Botany Bay Inventions
Botany Bay Inventions -
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Grade: 2

Genre: Theme and variations, folksong


This stylish expansion of an Australian folk tune is patterned after the works of Grainger; it is full of opportunities to display mature musicianship. Linear writing and unexpected twists on a familiar theme will have your students sounding beyond their years.






Our rehearsal supplements page has practical collections for all levels designed to develop individual skills in a rehearsal setting with just a few minutes a day. Check it out!

March Variants on a Welsh Air
March Variants -
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Grade: 2

Genre: Concert march, folksong


This inspiring march on a familiar folk tune is in the tradition of Holst and Vaughn Williams. Woodwinds get a chance to shine on soli lines and the whole band will enjoy the melodic partwriting. Colorful percussion and a variety of textures set this apart from typical marches.

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